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Originally from Argentina, Brian is directly in touch with the ways of thinking and relating to life of the new paradigm. After learning multiple healing techniques, Brian immersed himself in studies of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Yoga and Meditation practice for a few years at Ratna Ling Retreat Center in California. This direct experience of living in a different way which encourages community, self-responsibility, respect and compassion in action has inspired Brian to be a leader for new ways of being through connecting to Self and other. Brian aims to help people find ways to connect with their inner resources, grow, develop, change and lead a more balanced and meaningful life.​

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After discovering yoga and meditation and experiencing first hand how regular practice can transform your overall level of happiness, Yasmin booked a ticket to Bali to join Awakened Life School of Yoga for an immersive 200hr yoga teacher training in 2014. It was here where she first studied physiology and anatomy which sparked a life long love of learning about human biomechanics. During her teacher training, Yasmin studied with Margi Young, Sarah Trelease and Joe Miller who have trained with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, Glenn Black and Swami Prabuddhananda Saraswati. Yasmin's Yoga sessions draw on a variety of ideas and techniques from ancient yogic philosophies while incorporating an understanding of physiology, anatomy and modern psychology to help guide the body and the mind to wellness. 

Emma has been practicing yoga for almost 6 years, having been drawn to it during a particularly challenging time in her life. Having spent the last 18 years working in large multi-national corporates, she is especially passionate about how yoga can help support work-based stress and people in more sedentary (desk based) roles. Favouring a more modern playlist and combining gentle movement with more dynamic poses, Emma likes to create an environment which is accessible for all and where playfulness and curiosity is encouraged. Emma completed her 200YTT Embodied Flow with Adele Kingham in Auckland, NZ

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During a time when Sara felt self-critical & exhausted, she decided to take a break & volunteer for a yoga teacher in Iceland. “Never could I have imagined that breathing slowly & mindfully and spending time on my mat could be so incredibly beneficial to me, both mentally & physically. I was hooked”. She graduated in 2017 with her 200hrs training with Shades of Yoga in Bali & now teaches open, private & corporate classes in Auckland. ​During her years of practice, Sara has come to appreciate the more physical & strength building asanas & flows, even though Savasana relaxation remains her favorite posture. After having experienced a fatigue-depression (burn-out), she’s gained an interest in how the yogic philosophy teaches how to create a more sustainable lifestyle & relationship to ourselves and others.

Laura has been dedicated to the practice of yoga for the past 15 years and has recently embarked on the journey of becoming a teacher. As a dancer, Laura was initially drawn to the physical side of yoga to improve her strength and flexibility but what has kept her on the mat is the balance and presence that it brings to the fast pace of her life. Laura has completed 300 hours of yoga teacher training with Nikki Ralston in 2018 - 2019. She adds this to her degree in nutrition, experience as a personal trainer and years of instructing mind-body exercise, deepening her understanding and knowledge of holistic health and the individual. Laura creates a playful and intelligent class that will connect you with your body, your breath and the present moment

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Vinno has been practising Wing Tsun for almost 9 years, and has taught classes ranging from corporate well-being functions, to women's self-defence classes, to close quarter combat sessions for the British military. Vinno's aims for his students is for them to realise the potential within themselves and see the mental and physical benefits of releasing tension. 
Wing Tsun is a martial art, with every technique rooted in centuries of study into how to optimise natural human movement, working on the 'mini-max' principle - maximun output from minimum input. Classes are progressive and tailored towards the needs of individual students. Vinno has been recognised for his outstanding teaching abilities & knowledge of Wing Tsun, so you are in very good hands.